Achilleas Zavallis has spent the last two decades documenting how geography, the environment, and resource-scarcity affect and interact with conflict and migration patterns in the Mediterranean Basin. He specializes in in-depth coverage of conflicts and migration waves in the wider region and has dedicated his career to exploring these issues, and trying to better understand how seemingly unrelated geopolitical events interact with each other. His work on migration has shown internationally and was selected by The British Council and the Migration Policy Institute of Greece. In 2012, he began an extensive documentation of the Syrian revolution and subsequent civil war. Following the rise of ISIS in the Middle East he started documenting the waves of refugees and asylum seekers seeking safety in Europe and the military campaign to defeat ISIS in Iraq and Syria. Currently based in Greece he continues to document the cycles of violence in the Middle East, the integration of refugees and asylum-seekers in Europe and how the current climate crisis is affecting these regions. Some of his latest work has seen him photograph the famine in Yemen, the financial crisis in Lebanon and the conflicts in Nagorno Karabakh and Ukraine. He is a regular contributor to a variety of international publications, news organisations, production companies and NGO’s including The Guardian, The Times and The Sunday Times, NPR, Agence France Presse (AFP), Liberation, Le Nouvel Observateur (L’ Obs), Vice News, dsWeekblad, Verdens Gang (VG), Netflix, Delirio Productions, Blink Films, UNHCR, Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) and PRO ASYL.

He is HEFA Training certified and has his own Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). 


Currently based in Athens, Greece.

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